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 Freaky Ferments

We are a group of 4 – Justin, Taylor, Matt, Chad – Living in the Fort Worth, TX area. Growing up, we each independently found a passion for brewing and cooking, and aspirations to make it into a career. In 2015, Matt, Taylor, and Chad decided to join forces, renovating one of the buildings in Chads’ back yard as a brew space. We added insulation and drywall, A/C, plumbing, shelves, and sealed up the floor. When we first got started, we had a few large pots, a propane burner, and bottled everything we brewed. Today, we brew on our custom-built, 3 pot, 1bbl stainless all-electric system and use our Keezer for kegging. During this time, we developed an obsession with fermented food products, such as hot sauce, kombucha, and kimchi.
In 2019, we founded Freaky Ferments, LLC, and brought our first product to the world: Fermented Hot Sauce. It all started with the original Ghost Sauce and has since grown to 5 flavors in 2 different sizes. In early 2020, we welcomed Justin to our team. We are very proud of how far we have come.

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