Are you interested in becoming a vendor? Please review our vendor policies and guidelines below and continue to the Vendor Application to apply!

Vendor Rules

  1. All Vendors and their agents must read the rules, sign and submit the Testimony and Hold Harmless Agreement; and submit their  application and the proper documents required for their particular application before participating in the market.

  2. Be ready to sell by 8:00 AM and unless you have express permission from the Market Director, stay until 12:00 PM.

  3. Park far away from the market so that you do not take prime parking spaces.

  4. Bring enough products to last through the end of the market. An abundant display brings more Customers to your booth. The only exception to this is in the case of farmers who run out of their farm goods which can be unavoidable.

  5. Notify the Market via email ( or phone (817-233-6188) no later than 12:00 NOON Thursday if you are coming to the Market after not attending, if you are not going to attend the Market, are going to be late, or must leave early on the following Saturday. Failure to notify the Market can result in your being charged $30 for the inconvenience caused and/or losing your regular space to another Vendor. Stall reservations are considered commitments by the Vendors to participate in the market and last minute changes can be quite complicated and time consuming. It has been shown that empty spaces around a Vendor hurt his sales, so out of consideration to your fellow  Vendors, please notify us early enough to handle the changes.

  6. Vendors must grow, produce, or be an agent for the grower of the products they sell at the Market. Agricultural products sold must be of merchantable quality. Market organizers may request removal of poor quality items, be it produce, prepared foods or artisans’ ware.

  7. Reselling of any products or goods in the BFM is prohibited; exceptions may be granted by the Board. Vendors may name a qualified agent (family member, employee or designated agent) to handle sales at the market. The agent must be fully educated and knowledgeable about the product, how it is used, grown or produced and be able to communicate this clearly to the Customers. The relationship between the Customer and the Vendor is an important one, so choose someone who reflects well on your product. This relationship can bring the Customer back to your booth week after week.

  8. All Vendors using the term “organic” must be certified organic legally.

  9. All Vendors must have approval for and submit a sample of any new items before selling.

  10. Each Vendor is entitled to ten feet of frontage space. Vendors must keep their merchandise and tables neatly within the designated stall space unless authorized by a Market Manager.

  11. Vendors who produce trash must provide neat, visible trash receptacles.

  12. Vendors must not bring their pets to the market ever.

  13. Each Vendor shall set his/her own price. Price fixing is illegal.

  14. BFM is not responsible for product liability or the paying of sales tax. Sales tax must be paid, if applicable to the City of Burleson and the State of Texas. A sales tax number may be obtained through the State Comptroller’s office.

  15. All Vendors are required to post or have in their possession when applicable:

    a.   Signs clearly identifying their name or the name of their venue.

    b.   Organic Certification.

    c.   Insurance and/or product liability for Food Vendors and growers.

    d.   Sales Tax Permits.

    e.   Certificate of Registration for Weights and Measures.

    f.   Licenses required for health or other practitioners in order to legally practice.

    g.   Nursery License.

    h.   Food Manufacturing License.

    i.   Food Products Permit.

    j.   Food Handling Certificate.

    k.   Health department permits.

    l.   Printed ingredients available for any products sold.

  16. All Food Vendors must comply with Health Department rules and regulations. And any other applicable state and/or local health regulations.

  17. Any fines received by BFM for incorrect procedures will be assessed to the Vendor responsible for the non-compliance.

  18. Vendors must bring their own tables, chairs, tents and hard surface (for under the table if you are giving out food samples and your booth is in a grass area). You are responsible for properly securing and weighting any and all items you bring so that they do not blow away in any weather conditions. If in doubt the Burleson Farmers Market recommends you do not install any tents.

  19. The Burleson Farmers Market accepts no responsibility or liability for stolen or damaged property, accident or injury.

  20. No alternate rain dates are scheduled and no refunds will be issued. The market is rain or shine and will only close due to EXTREME weather conditions including but not limited to lightening, hail and damaging winds.

Standards of Conduct

  1. Vendors and employees representing Vendors are expected to:

  2. Be knowledgeable about their product, how it is used, grown or produced and be able to communicate that clearly to the customers.

  3. Be courteous, professional and presentable at all times. Making market issues public or acting in such a way as disrupt the harmony or cohesiveness of the Market is not allowed. Submit in writing any grievance you may have with the Market or the Management. Any Market Manager has the right to issue warnings and/or suspension and/or indicated fines to any Vendor who violates Market rules. Any Vendor issued a warning, and/or suspension and/or fines may request a hearing with the Board to protest said action. Decisions by the Board are final. Vendors who do not comply with the market rules may forfeit their privilege of selling at the Market.

  4. Display their products in a sanitary, presentable and attractive manner.

  5. Be honest and conduct themselves at all times in a courteous and business-like manner.

  6. Treat each other, staff, Customers and management with respect. Inappropriate language or behavior, harassment or abuse toward anyone at the Market will not be tolerated.

  7. Refer comments or complaints to the Market Manager or to a Board Member.

  8. Refer difficulty with customers to a Market Manager or a Board Member..

  9. Bring to the attention of a Market Manager or a Board Member any grievance regarding actions or prices of another Vendor if it cannot be handled politely and quickly. If the grievance is not settled directly, the Market Director will determine if a special meeting needs to be called to settle it.

  10. Dress neatly and practice clean personal hygiene.

  11. Maintain a clean stall space and leave the area free of debris during sales and after Market closure. BFM places receptacles in the common area aisles for use by Market customers only. All Vendors providing samples must supply a trash receptacle for public use, and are responsible for disposal of their own trash.

All Vendors are responsible for helping clean up the Market at the end of the day!